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5 Tips To Make Your Holiday Let Pet Friendly

There's no better time to consider letting your property. Mulberry Cottages has seen an increased demand for UK travel more than ever before. That's why we are hosting our free 'Owner Events' so you can gain insight from industry experts and learn some tricks of the trade through workshops.

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Making your property pet-friendly has endless benefits to you as an owner. Having the option to take your pet on your travels is a great incentive for our nation of animal lovers, it means not finding someone to pet-sit or pay the expenses of boarding kennels - not to mention not having to miss your four-legged friend by your side! Making your property pet-friendly will, of course, expand your market, increase bookings (stays including at-least one pet account for 27% of all Mulberry bookings) and boost your appearance in online search results (Pet-Friendly is 9 times more popular than our Child-Friendly searches). 

  1. Make furry friends feel welcome

Pets are part of the family, they need to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves on their holiday too! Make them feel at home with their own little welcome hamper or by including treats within your guest’s. These could be, biscuits, food or even a squeaky toy! Items like poop-bags, bowls and blankets are also useful to have in the house for arrival.


  1. Have pet-friendly, easy-clean flooring

If there are lots of fantastic walks or beaches to visit near your holiday home then the likeliness of our canine pals getting wet and muddy is very high! Avoid having permanent paw-prints by having an entrance that leads onto an enclosed room with easy-clean floors such as flagstones. Provide some older dog-towels so they can stay in here to clean off! Remember that although your home is pet-friendly, it should be clean, fresh and odour free for every new guest- pets or not!


  1. Make your garden safe and consider any other dangers

You don’t have to have a garden at all to be pet-friendly, but if you do we suggest putting up a dog proof fence on any properties that are neighbouring roads or other houses. Think about any areas both indoor and outdoor where animals might come into harm such as: railways, roads, sharp drops or fields of livestock. Indoors you should consider breakable or small items that are within pet reach.

  1. Be informative

Highlight great dog walks and activities, including dog-friendly pubs and cafés nearby. Putting together a sheet of information that includes this and useful contacts such as vets and dog day-care. Set out clear guidelines where dogs may not be allowed in the house and what they might not be allowed to do, some naughty dogs like to jump onto furniture and even sleep on the bed!


  1. Show that you love animals too!

You want to appeal to animal-lovers and animal-friendly touches will not go unnoticed! Hooks for leads, pet blankets, bowls and a few pet themed items such as cushions and mugs are a great way to an owners heart!


If you’d like to find out more about the advantages of allowing pets, the way we're championing our pet friendly homes, and how to go that extra mile for pets, head over to our Pet Friendly webinar.

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