Top Tips on Hosting a Great Party

We sat down with Alex, our Head of Celebrations, to give you some of the most valuable tips when planning and hosting your big celebration... 

1. Don’t necessarily feel restrained by how many overnight guests the celebration house sleeps. Often owners will be happy to accommodate additional friends or family in the day or evening to attend the celebratory lunch or evening party. It’s well worth asking.

2. A big celebration surprise can be big or small. It’s often the little things that create the memories. Think of ways to make the celebration extra special by picking a party theme or welcoming guests with delicious seasonal cocktails and nibbles.

3. It really pays to plan ahead. Suppliers get booked up months ahead, so I would always recommend booking well in advance, especially for those must-haves that are listed on your bucket list.

4. Set your budget and agree with the rest of the group if everyone is clubbing together. No-one likes nasty financial surprises later on. Break down your bucket list to make sure the budget is do-able and you can prioritise from there.

5. Don’t feel on your own when sourcing activities and ideas on what to do. When booking the house, ask for recommendations. And do consider someone else to help you with solutions - I’m a free service at Mulberry and have the contacts and ability to negotiate on your behalf.

6. Make sure you’ve looked at the house layout and made sure it fits your needs. Enough social space, as well as break-out space? Flexible bed configurations to make sure everyone is comfortable? And plenty of fridge space for the champagne?!

Need some more help? Why not have a chat with Alex on 01242 802182 or