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An unmissable element of any exceptional interior is of course the designer themself. History and location mixed with glimmers of a designers own personality, will ultimately create a unique space with stunning visuals. Creating and enhancing the character of a property is something that can be achieved in any home, by any designer. Your property is unique and so are you and your vision, this is what makes any house a home and gives any property its own flavour.  With this expert insight from Francesca, Fiona and Amy you can see how you too can enhance your own property’s character in a truly professional style.

We asked the three designers in which ways their own personal taste and unique style penetrates into their designs...

Amy Francesca and Fiona

How would you describe your ‘design style’?

Amy: I don’t have a particular style. My design reflects the building, the area and the history. Creating a design is how you feel about each unique space.

Fiona: My design language tends to be uncluttered (do not use the word minimalistic) A fitness for purpose.

Francesca:  My design style depends on the client and the purpose of the buildings. For Battel Hall I had to take into account that it is in Leeds Castle.  I wanted to have nods to history and be influenced by the certain market that would book the property, therefore the style was about balancing the history with the design.

Goodnestone Park Stairway and Living Room

What other aspects aside from history and location, influence your personal tastes when it comes to interior design?

Amy: The digital age pushes things to move quicker (trends). You need a design that stands apart from the rest. We see trends on Pinterest, Instagram and in the media. There’s no harm in following trends as it makes the property marketable at the time. Especially when it comes to holiday lets, you can’t have one design for 20 years. We look at things on a mass market and mass design and what is ‘bang on trend’, but you still need to be imaginative and fun.

Fiona: Taking a risk! it is very easy to go boring and be conservative. Keep the background calm and you can change it and dress it differently with cushions and pictures.

Francesca: TV, movies and music really affect design now. Always see beautifully designed houses, much more intertwined and interlinked. Interior design is similar to fashion and how it reflects people’s moods. This is important for guests too, their inspiration from my design can filter into their own home.

Fog Signal Building Interiors

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