Behind the Scenes of the Charley Chau Photoshoot

Our lovely dog-friendly partners, Charley Chau are designers and makers of a gorgeous range of luxury dog bedding and accessories. Every once in a while they have the chance to break away for some dog-friendly travels, and this Summer, they took a Mulberry Cottage holiday to The Pump Station in Dungeness.

As well as having some time off to relax, owner Christine and her 5 Italian Greyhounds were also on a working holiday. The beach house location doubled up as the backdrop for Charley Chau’s latest look-book photoshoot.

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Who was the crew for your lookbook? 

Christine and Jenny Chau, sisters and co-founders of Charley Chau. Kim, our unsung hero in the Charley Chau team, and our PR angel, Alex. Our photographer Grzegorz Gebik to capture all the fantastic moments of our stay and lookbook imagery, and not forgetting the stars of the show... Charley, Anna, Tino, Theo, and Mabel, my 5 Italian Greyhounds.

charley chau mulberry cottages, pet friendly holiday cottages

So how do you get the perfect cute photo of a snoozing dog?

We love to shoot our photography as naturally as possible. That's why we like to do it when we're on holiday - so we have time to hang around and wait for the dogs to settle and snooze. We're not a fan of plonking our dogs in a bed and making them stay there! We prefer to let them get on with their thing and then take photos as the opportunity arises. It's a much lengthier process but I think we get really lovely photos this way, capturing moments that it would be impossible to stage. 

charley chau mulberry cottages, pet friendly holiday cottages

Do the Italian Greyhounds have different roles on the shoot? 

The gang don't really have specific roles but it has to be said that Theo is a complete diva and showman. He loves having his photo taken which is why he features so often in our photography whereas Anna is more camera shy!

How much training is needed?

No training required - we are terrible dog trainers! It's literally a case of wait, wait some more, and then wait some more for the gang to fall asleep! 

charley chau mulberry cottages, pet friendly holiday cottagescharley chau mulberry cottages, pet friendly holiday cottages

What made The Pump Station work so well for you?

The interior of this building is incredible. It is just so beautifully designed and finished. And there were lots of different aspects of the building that we could use in our photo shoot so that we had a variety of shots without having to use multiple venues. The colour scheme was also perfect - the greys and blues against that beautiful wooden floor was just perfect. We always shoot with natural light and we were so pleased with the light at The Pump Station streaming through the fabulous floor to ceiling glass. Plus as we got to stay there too, it really didn't feel like work!

Take a look at more of the results from Charley Chau's photo shoot at The Pump station here...