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Cotswolds Owner Forum

April saw the second in a series of owner events when the Mulberry team met up with 8 owners in the Cotswolds, at Woodmancote Farmhouse.

The wide mix of owners, from Tilly and Laura who run a large "complex" of beautiful barns, through to Bena who lets out half of her own house, meant for a lively and fascinating discussion around various subjects, all of which were set to help Mulberry define better what makes us special and unique, whilst also helping us focus on the improvement areas for 2018.

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Every owner's story is unique and how exciting to meet owners who are keen to get more involved in Mulberry's marketing and be ambassadors for the brand. We will share the owner stories with you soon.

In the meantime, the topics covered in the discussion group were:

What triggered you into holiday letting, the positives, the pitfalls. There’s such a broad mix of reasons as to why owners decide to join the world of holiday letting – from keeping the family asset alive, maintaining a certain lifestyle in retirement to the tax advantages holiday letting provides (vs. longer letting). Despite a few concerns around privacy and the extra work and costs involved, owners with a strong desire to make a success of their holiday home find the positives far outweigh the pitfalls with many finding the advantages of flexibility, control and lovely guest feedback - making it all worthwhile and enjoyable.

Why Mulberry Cottages for you? So WHY Mulberry?, There’s a range of reasons. The personal touch is a huge draw, and Beckie, Cotswolds Business Development Manager, has developed strong relations with all her owners in the area. The expert advice and quick service makes owners feel valued and well cared for. The local, on the ground support is something very few provide. The owners also love the Mulberry Cottages brand. The smart and contemporary feel, the quality of the properties, and importantly the quality of the guests is helping Mulberry stand out to those who value branding and care deeply for quality.

Improving our service We gathered some great ideas during the discussion morning, including ways to streamline communications, share more of our expert knowledge and improve the owner login system. Watch this space for a rollout of new initiatives being implemented for our owners soon.

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Special thanks to Jean and Ross for hosting the owner event at Woodmancote, and to Ineke for providing overnight accommodation for the Mulberry team at her Somer Lake House. What a beautiful setting for an incredibly useful and productive day for all.

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