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Picking The Best Name For Your Holiday Let

There's no better time to consider letting your property. Mulberry Cottages has seen an increased demand for UK travel more than ever before. That's why we are hosting our free 'Owner Events' so you can gain insight from industry experts and learn some tricks of the trade through workshops.

If you have a holiday let that you are considering to let or currently letting, join us and learn how to navigate the market through a series of talks and the opportunity for one-to-one advice with the Mulberry team. Find out more and sign up here.

Once you’ve lovingly renovated and decorated your holiday home and added all those extra little touches, you need the cherry on top to perfect your creation. The name of your new rental can be the pièce de résistance that initially grabs a potential guest’s attention- so of course it is important to get this exactly right.

Is the name memorable, does it stand out?

Traditionally people use place, history or even themselves to name their properties. At Mulberry Cottages we have seen owners get more creative when it comes to naming their homes without crossing the line of being too ‘out there’ or unsuitable. Some things to think about when getting it right are:

Blackbird Cottage Name

What does it portray?

What kind of imagery does the name conjure up? Nostalgic summer days, a mediterranean villa or a sense of grandeur - don’t underestimate the power of words. Always consider how others will read, hear and pronounce the name. Try not to make it overly complicated and avoid potentially embarrassing mispronunciations.

Is it a cliché?

Classics are great to fall back on or stick to if already named. However original or quirky names create curiosity and guests are usually drawn to them through intrigue. Pick a name that will last and not date easily, nobody likes a cliché.

Old Post Office Name

Does it fit?

Is the chosen name genuine and reflective of something about the place or building? A name can add depth and character to a property and portray a thousand images. If there is a history behind the name it will gives guests something to talk about and feel like they are really experiencing a taste of something unique.  

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