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The Perfect Holiday Let Changeover Checklist

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Never underestimate the power of a first impression. Having a smooth and perfected changeover where nothing is neglected is vital in achieving this. We believe that a having checklist is the best way of doing this, so we have created one you can tailor to your property to ensure no guest is given any opportunity for complaint or unsavoury surprises. Afterall, peak periods can be pretty hectic and small tasks are so easy to miss! Especially if you are relying on someone else to do the changeover.

**Here are our tips to consider before you create your checklist: **

  1. If you are using a cleaning company to do your changeovers make sure they know exactly what time they have to start and finish. There are a growing number of changeover management tools and apps you can use such as Doodle and Properly making it easy to communicate.

  2. Allocate out tasks to a team of people if you can. Chores such as gardening, window cleaning and specialist maintenance jobs can be given to other companies to free up your time and ensure every little job is carried out properly.

  3. Invest in quality cleaning appliances. A good vacuum-cleaner, a steam cleaner and even a pressure-washer for outside all make excellent investments and save a lot of time when it comes to changeover days. Not to mention an overall cleaner and fresher atmosphere for guests to arrive to.

The Checklist


  • Wipe down all surfaces and sweep and mop the floor.
  • Empty and disinfect the bin.
  • Clean appliances including the fridge and freezer removing any rogue items.
  • Check the dishwasher is empty.
  • Check crockery and cutlery for any missing or broken items.
  • Put out clean tea-towels and hand-towels.

Living Areas

  • Clean/vacuum all the floors not missing underneath furniture.
  • Dust all surfaces eg. TV and window sills.
  • Remove any magazines or newspapers that have been discarded.
  • Make sure that any fuel for fire is stocked up and fireplaces are clean. A full log basket looks great!
  • Vacuum and refresh seating and cushions.
  • Evict spiders and their webs… from everywhere!


  • Remove all the bedding from the used beds, check the mattresses and check under the beds for debris. Don’t neglect to vacuum under beds.
  • Air out wardrobes and drawers whilst checking for any items left behind.
  • Clean all mirrors throughout the house.
  • Make up all of the beds with clean and fresh bedding.
  • Check for wear and tear and align curtains.


  • Disinfect all surfaces including the toilet thoroughly, until they are gleaming.
  • Polish all glass.
  • Remove any limescale stains.
  • Through away any used toiletries including hand soap and top up liquid soap.
  • Unblock any drains.


  • Sweep up all patios and rake up dead leaves and twigs.
  • Mow that lawn!
  • Weed all paths and borders.
  • Wash outdoor furniture.
  • Remove dead plants.
  • Check barbeque and outdoor lighting.

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