Very English is Very Good

The trend for looking closer to home in how we live our lives is building some momentum now. Local produce continues to be at the heart of our modern values, and England has done well to show what can be produced locally, far beyond our wildest dreams some 20 years ago - take English wines as a case in point.

In the wake of Brexit, all things English are enjoying a revival. We are craving security, familiarity and comfort in our surroundings. British brands are sure to to do well in 2017 and that extends far beyond food and produce. Reducing carbon footprint and enjoying our home soil is extending to our travel plans now too. It’s the smart choice now to take mini weekends away as well as holidays that are within a couple hours of home.

Why traipse further when we have so much to offer in England?

It’s very simple to holiday house in England. Just book the house, pack the car, gather the troops and go. No complex journey, no new rules to abide by. It’s so easy. Arrive at your house (it’s all yours too, not a shared set of rooms with others, no race for the buffet cars or sun loungers), park outside and go with the flow.

Here at Mulberry, we have chosen to focus on self-catering holiday houses. We think (of course) they are the best way to enjoy England. Every one of our houses is hand-picked, individual and just one in the community. Stay in a holiday house and you’ll feel like a resident, less of a tourist.

And where do we start on where to stay in England? The English revival is really exciting, as what we are doing is holding on to our prize heritage - we are loving our castles, our history, we are embracing the nostalgia of England - the seaside towns, the donkey rides. We revel in our eccentricities and extremities - from desert-like Dungeness to chocolate-box Cotswolds. Our cravings are for what’s on our doorsteps and there is ever such a lot to feed those cravings.

Uniquely English

England is bursting at the seams with its quirks and individuality. And don’t we just love them? What’s more English than staying on the village green watching cricket whilst drinking pimms and lemonade. Or taking a donkey ride, then watching Punch and Judy amongst the beach huts.  

And then we have Quintessential England, where the most sprawling and wonderful country estates exude historic splendor and upper-class frivolity. How lucky we are to have so many historic castles, manor houses and stately homes now open for overnight guests.

As Spring burst into life this March, so does our celebration of all things English. This month we are making the most of being #veryenglish and let’s be proud of it.