Wine Tasting

A tasting session which will give you the opportunity to try various wines from around the world and cover all the basics; from how to taste wine professionally to learning the key grape varieties, explore different wine regions throughout the world and most importantly learn about the different styles of wine. Please see below some of the offerings available which can be altered to fit your requiements.

Introduction to Wine Tasting
Taste 8 different wines from all over the world to further your knowledge about wine. Excellent choice if you don't know your Chardonnay from Pinot Grigio. Includes a cheeese to match as well as chocolate. 

Champagne Celebration
Do you know why Champagnes are always so expensive? Can you tell the difference? Taste four pairs of wines made up of Champagne and some of the best sparklers around. 

The Classic Grapes

Sample the great classic grape varieties. Eight wines. Learn the difference between them...what makes a Chardonnay a Chardonnay. 

Old World or New World
Compare the Classic wines of Europe against their New World counterparts. Taste 4 pairs of wines each comparing the Classic European wine and its contemporary from the New World. Great for those who love Argentine Malbec or Aussie Shiraz. 

Chocolate and Wine
Taste 6 sensational wines, including Champagne for starters, and some of best chocolates money can buy, with some surprising yet thrilling combinations.An unforgettable experience for chocoholics and wine lovers alike. 

Think Pink
Similar to the Intro to wine , taste  8 roses, featuring a delicious pink Champagne, and a bottle of sparkling rose to compare, besides plenty of proof that rose is not a compromise between white and red! 

Wine and Cheese
Taste 6 sensational wines, with a Champagne, but this time paired with some of the best artisan cheeses from cow’s, goat’s and ewe’s milk you can buy, leading to some delicious combinations, and the chance to experiment too. 

Organic and Biodynamic Wines
Often wondered what on earth these wine are all about? What do these terms mean? Are they any good? We have carefully selected a range of eight of the very best crafted, certified organic and biodynamic wines from around the world to illustrate just how fantastic these wines are. There is also a Vegan option available.

Anything Else
As it states, 'anything'! We can design a tasting of any theme to your requirements, suggestions and budget, including beer, cider, whisky and spirits.

If you would like to discuss options and prices please feel free to contact Alex, our Experiences manager, on or call us on 01242 802182.