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A whale of time on the South East Coast

When you walk along the beautiful blue-flag beaches of the Kent coast, the last thing you would expect to see is a 45ft Sperm Whale washed up on the shore.

Pegwell Beach

The washed up whale at Pegwell Beach

Yet this is the sight that met many an eye on the morning of the 3rd March 2011, in the “pretty-as-a-postcard” town of Pegwell Bay, near Ramsgate, to the shock and confusion of its residents. The striking creature, normally found at depths reaching 1,000 metres, is thought to have been distracted by the noise of propellers in the water, and had been left dazed, confused and washed up on the shoreline as a result.

However, this is not the first time that something unusual has washed up on the wonderfully quaint Southern Coast.

The 8ft Lego Man on Brighton Beach
A clever marketing stunt by Lego? Or a lost and lonely Danish attraction?!


In 2008, to the amusement of many of the children playing on the beach in Brighton, an 8 ft man swam onto the sand…an 8 ft Lego man! Many theories have floated around as to his origins, one being that he had been stolen from a Legoland theme park in Denmark!


The daring devil crab

Keep an eye out for the daring devil crab!


Or how about this for a bizarre scene: 40,000 devil crabs found strewn along the beach in 2011 in Thanet like a scene from a disaster movie! The poor creatures were thought to have died from hypothermia after the UK’s coldest December in the last 120 years.

Whatever your interests, the beaches of Kent and East Sussex are sure to astound and charm, whether you’re after a simple seaside ice cream, or a bucket and spade adventure. So, next time you take a stroll on the South coast shore, keep your eyes peeled and your toes covered…you never quite know what you might find!

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