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Calling All City Dwellers – Beautiful British Night Skies

I realised last night that it suddenly felt like the evenings were getting longer! I am trying to be ultra-positive of course, and heard on Radio Sussex that they were talking about Patrick Moore’s wonderful contribution to star gazing, so suddenly thought – yes that is a really positive thought about this time of year!!

The Big Dipper
With clear skies, there are an abundance of lovely bright stars to gaze at. I am pretty useless at it, but very interested. When we moved out of London and down to Sussex all those years ago, I remember sitting outside on the steps leading down to our huge (in comparison) garden and staring up at the stars with amazement – it was all so beautiful, the twinkling in the black night. I realised that I hadn’t really noticed that this was missing from London. So calling all City Dwellers – come and see our wonderful British night skies.

We have lots of lovely self catering holiday cottages, with striking starlit nights waiting for you and this time of year. You don’t have to stay up til late to try and work out which is the North Star or the Big Dipper, the Great Bear or Orion. There are a few things to take into consideration… stargazing is best done before the moon is full, so it might be worth looking at the next new moon dates before you book your trip.

See if you can spot the glow of the Andromeda Galaxy. Two million light years away, this is the most distant object the human eye can see. If you use binoculars you should be able to see Andromeda’s elliptical shape.
Make sure you take warm clothes. Even on a balmy summer evening, with clear skies above, stargazing can get chilly all year round. A hot drink is never amiss either.

We have some great skies (with holiday cottages attached!) in the South of England.

Danehill House is under an hour and a half from London, sleeps 14 and is pet friendly.

The impressive Danehill House
The impressive Danehill House sleeps 14
Mill Cottage in Dorset, sleeps 4
Mill Cottage in Dorset, sleeps 4
Great night skies at Rosehip in Hampshire
Great night skies at Rosehip Cottage in Hampshire
South Barn Studio, with fabulous views, sleeps 2
South Barn Studio, fabulous views, sleeps 2

So lots to think about! First things first, for help finding your perfect star gazing holiday cottage look at our full selection here and please don’t hesitate to call us on 01227 464958 or  email info@mulberrycottages.com

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