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Escape the drizzle this winter..

Look out of your window right now, chances are its not a beautiful summers day staring back at you. Great Britian has been hit over the last two weeks with the sudden arrival of sleet, snow and all round dreadiness which is enough to make anyone feel miserable.

Imagine our suprise then to discover that Mulberry Cottages are sitting on one of the best places in the country for avoiding the winter chill, experience warm summers and mild winters and most importantly shielding yourself from the sudden snow and Britians inevitable grind to the halt.

The beach at Eastbourne is beautiful in Winter as in Summer... (with less crowds!)

According to this weekend’s Sunday Times, the resort of Eastbourne in East Sussex, which has been nicknamed ‘the sun trap of the South’ and is officially the sunniest spot in Britian has been geographcially gifted with protection from the elements, making it an easy choice for all those feeling the winter blues.

Shielded from the worst of the weather by the South Downs and Beachy Head, Eastbourne seems to exist in its own parrallel universe, a sunny retreat for the rest of us when the worst of the weather hits, complete with its own picture postcard surroundings, quaint street and shops and the friendliest locals!

The impossibly beautiful view over Eastbourne's Victorian Pier

If you need a break when it all gets too much (or too cold!), Mulberry Cottages have a delightful range of holiday cottages in the area which provide a comfortable and luxurious base to enjoy everything that Eastbourne has to offer… We can’t promise a suntan at this time of year, but it seems like a safe bet that Eastbourne will be at least marginally more sunny than wherever you are!

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