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Fancy a vacation on location??!

With the release of the much anticipated War Horse, a Stephen Spielberg epic based on the best-selling novel and award winning play, there has never been a more exciting time for British holiday makers; as a rash of British based films make their trips to the country or coast like stepping onto their own film set!

Hankies at the ready (i've seen the play!).

Kent and Sussex in particular benefits from all manner of media scrutiny as its enchanting forests, blustery beaches and remarkable monuments coax many a film crew into our little part of the world. So if you fancy a turn as the hero or heroine of your own love story, comedy or drama let Mulberry Cottages introduce you to some famous places you might not even know existed:

  • A Woman in Black: the eagerly awaited 2012 return to screen for Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter-as if you had to ask!) and directed by Jane Goldman (Mrs Jonathan Ross) includes scenes shot on the picture perfect Bluebell Railway in East Sussex.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law this 2009 comedy caper makes use of the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, Kent as a convincing Victorian ‘London Docks’ where a ship half build and quickly sunk by Holmes.
  • Pride and Prejudice: The beautiful surroundings of Groombridge Place, Groombridge, Kent is used as Longbourne, the Bennett family home, in Joe Wright’s sumptuous 2005 adaption of the Jane Austen classic.

No place more perfect for Miss Bennett!

  • Atonement/Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: The Seven Sisters cliff face has provided a stunning backdrop for so many recent (and not so recent) films. Most notably at the end of another Joe Wright picture (must be a South Coast fan!) and Robin Hood were Robin first tastes the sweet sandiness of home-only to find himself confusingly walking Hadrian’s Wall seconds later.

The most beautiful first glimspe of all that Sussex has to offer

  • Young Victoria/The Madness of King George: Both of these historical dramas utilise the majestic elegance of Arundel Castle posing as Windsor, an official Royal Residence. Lending its magnificent rooms for entertaining a Georgian dinner party of 200 and splendid walkways for running around in your nightie.

I highly doubt they would let you do this if you weren't the King.

With Mulberry Cottages offering beautifully luxurious accommodation close to the (lights, camera) action, escape into your own special film and walk in the footsteps of the filmmakers  in 2012!

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