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Give your Mum a day she will never forget!

Keep your eyes peeled this Mother’s day as Saturn, the golden planet of the rings, will be the closest to the earth this year, a mere 750 million miles away – so best get your binoculars out!

Stargazing for Saturn

As soon as the sun sets on Mothering Sunday Saturn will be visible in the night sky – but if you want to see this most beautiful star at its best we recommend stargazing at around midnight, as Saturn will be directly opposite the Sun and will be the brightest star in the Sky!

The beautiful planet of Saturn

Here are some top tips on how to find Saturn:
• Try FACING EAST with your back to the sunset direction, this is the best position for Saturn spotting!
• Look in the sky for THE BIG DIPPER this will guide you to nearby star Arcturus then onto the Spica star and from there Saturn will be visible directly to the east.
• It will be a BRIGHT GOLDEN STAR as Saturn is directly opposite the Sun

Solar System - guide how to find Saturn

To the unaided eye Saturn will look like a bright golden star but I can hear you asking “Will I be able to see Saturn’s rings with my eyes alone?” The answer is No; you will need a small telescope to see the stars amazing rings.

So why not get the whole family out stargazing this weekend for the chance to look at this beautiful star – it will be a day your Mum will never forget!

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