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How to create gorgeous natural Christmas decorations

Making your own decorations from the garden is doubly pleasing – one reason for being creative and producing something that has grown from nature and the other is saving money, especially at this time of year! Got the girls to come on a dog walk whilst I collected some vital ingredients!  Sunday afternoon was happily spent having some fun.

Great to take your dog on holiday too!

Great to find natural items

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Hedgerows everywhere are full of decorating goodies

It’s perfect timing too as we are hacking back overgrown areas or the garden, and taking them to the recycling centre or having a bonfire.  The countryside is full of lovely natural items, such as seed heads, fir cones and hazel sticks. So even if you think you are totally uncreative, you can make something really pleasing and pretty from nature almost for free!


A few of the useful items

A few of the useful items

What you need

Various natural items

Silver Spray




Pruning arrangements

Easy to snip some herbs and colourful berries in the weeks leading up to Christmas – try freezing the berries as they often disappear in November as delicious snacks for birds and small animals.


Seed head garlands are so pretty, from poppy seed heads to alliums and lots inbetween, even those seed heads in the country lanes such as teasels are so lovely when sprayed with silver.  These look wonderful on a windowsill, hanging from a mantlepiece or on top of a dresser.


Cut some lavender or rosemary sprigs a few inches long  and tie them with rafia, these make great table decorations, just place one on each napkin on your Christmas table.

Christmas decoration and spices on wooden background.

Children love making oranges with cloves


Find rosehips in the hedgerows or chinese lanterns in your garden and thread wire through them, you can intersperse them with cinnamon sticks and slices of dried orange.

Table decorations

Fir cones are very pretty with a dusting of snow (out of a can!) and positioned along the centre of the table.  Silver or grey ribbons can be intertwined between them to add a little extra.

Mini wreaths can be made from wire and rosemary springs and placed round the base of fat church candles.

Love fir cones sprayed with fake snow!

Love fir cones sprayed with fake snow!

If you like the idea of spending a lovely winter weekend in the country to forage for fabulous bits and bobs to make your decorations, we have fabulous countryside cottages dotted all over the UK, just give us a call on 01227 464958 or email us by clicking here – we’re here 7 days a week and we’d love to help!

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