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January Sales: the strategy.

Although it seems a bit premature to be talking about January Sales on the 27th December, we Britons like nothing more than to bow at the altar of capitalism and what better way of doing it than by pushing our way through the masses of people bunched together and fighting for the last size 12 black… Here at Mulberry, we like to shop as much as the rest of you but because of the overriding aversion that we have to being uncomfortable, we have complied a list of all the most special and pain free shopping experiences to be had in Kent and Sussex.

Maybe she should be shopping for some new shoes...


  •  Bluewater- the Kentish Shopping Mecca has by far the most space for eager shoppers to traverse, making it easy as long as you know what you’re getting into. There are fantastic savings to be had across the board but leave early if you want to avoid the hideous traffic close by.
  • Trading Boundaries- A unique and very pleasurable shopping experience located in a picture postcard setting of Fletching East Sussex. Just big enough to offer a good selection of savings and just small enough to retain some of the charming atmosphere unseen at different, larger shopping centres. Plus it has a delightful bar/café and evening entertainment to lull you into shopping without realising!
  • If shopping in more historic surroundings strikes your fancy, then a trip to Canterbury or even Brighton would be a welcome day out, complete with cafés and restaurants to revive even the most jaded of shoppers and a brilliant range of high street stores (Marks and Spencer’s start their Sales today with most high street shops starting as early as Christmas Eve!). 
  • Online- although not restricted to Kent and Sussex (or even the UK!), shopping online has become the retreat for the busy or the tired. Amazon in running brilliant discounts from now all the way through the month of January, followed by most of the major online retailers. For me though, it’s all about the thrill of holding something in your hand that you NEED to buy (even if you had to wrestle someone for it first!).

So wrap up warm, sharpen those elbows and get ready to dash for those bargains, you never know you might grab a steal for next year’s Christmas presents!

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