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Kept up with your New Year resolutions?….

So the Christmas turkey’s polished off, the New Year’s champagne’s quaffed and most of us are feeling sluggish and ready to try out a new diet or detox plan for January.

There are so many conflicting opinions about yo-yo dieting and detoxing, isn’t the simplest solution just to eat more healthily and do a bit of exercise?

The easiest way to eat healthily is to make sure you have something from each of the major food groups every day – protein, starchy food, dairy foods, fruits and vegetables. No foods should be ‘banned’ but higher calorie treats, like sweets, fizzy drinks, biscuits, cakes and alcohol, should be enjoyed in moderation. Having a varied diet, including plenty of fruits and vegetables should give all the vitamins and minerals needed.

Breathe in!!

Of course regular exercise is key to us keeping healthy and staying fit – so why not escape from the stresses of everyday life and take a short break in a lovely converted barn in the middle of the countryside or maybe a lovely fisherman’s cottage right on the seafront? Maybe take a brisk walk in a peaceful field or have a refreshing jog along the beach – getting away for a mini break is surprising how much it can refresh and revive you and give you that all important boost!

Mulberry Cottages have holiday cottages dotted all over Kent and Sussex, Norfolk and Suffolk, Cornwall and Dorset and even Scotland – so there is a huge selection to choose from and we are sure you will find the perfect place to escape to.

Maybe you prefer hitting the gym, playing tennis, horse riding or having a swim? A good handful of our holiday cottages have gyms, tennis courts or swimming pools or maybe all 3 in them or within the grounds –

Ladybird lodge in Bapchild, Kent has a modern indoor gym and tennis courts – a great place to take an active break http://www.mulberrycottages.com/cottage/holiday-cottages-in-kent/18331-ladybird-lodge/

The spacious gym at Ladybird Lodge, perfect for working up a sweat!

Little Bucksteep Oast in Dallington, Sussex has a large heated swimming pool – perfect to do some lengths before breakfast http://www.mulberrycottages.com/cottage/holiday-cottages-in-east-sussex/14737-little-bucksteep-oast/

The beautiful pool at Little Bucksteep, you could be in the Med!


Shuttlesfield barn in Acrise, Kent has excellent equestrian facilities and a good sized heated swimming pool so you have a huge range of activities to keep you active during your holiday http://www.mulberrycottages.com/cottage/holiday-cottages-in-kent/41911-shuttlesfield-barn/

The pool at Shuttlesfield Barn, lovely for early morning lengths..

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