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Less than 200 days till the Olympics start!

I hope the above statement makes you as excited as everyone in the office at Mulberry Cottages!

That shining beacon is set to inject billions of pounds into the UK economy.. so everyones a winner!

Feeling inspired by all the pomp and in the spirit of being active, I even (being by far the most dormant of our team) donned my legging and hair band-118 style to embark on my first run since 2004. To say I failed is an understatement as I returned to the house after roughly 14 minutes feeling as if my heart was going to explode out of my chest. Hats off to the likes of Paula Radcliff, who make it look so easy.

The most hardcore woman in the world...


I hope you’ll be joining me in cheering on Team GB, from the comfort of your sofa, cup of tea in hand. Leave it to the professionals!

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