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Make like the ancient Greeks and take your exercise “naked” this summer

So free, so liberating... so Brighton!

Although it would be wrong to say that the Mulberry Cottage team don’t live on the wild side… there are a couple of things that we would draw the line at; wrestling tigers, sponsored silences and having dinner with Alex Reid being just some of them. So imagine our suprise when we come across an event which is both totally out of the question and curiously beguiling at the same time…

Be thankful for small photos!

On the 10th June this year, thousands of game Brightonians will take to the streets dressed in nothing save a smile and a bicycle helmet for the annual naked bike ride. Now in its 7th year, this unorthodox form of self expression is designed to celebrate bike riding and the human body as well as emphasising the physical vunerability of cyclists on the roads.

Just any normal Sunday then...

Last year between 800-1000 riders participated and for 2012, the organisers have planned a themed cycle around the ancient Greek Olympians, for whom nudity was of no concern (one can only imagine what the wrestling team would have looked like!).

The fun doesn’t stop there… oh no! Not only can you take in the sights of Brighton in the buff, but you can also enjoy a paddle in the sea or a sociable beach barbeque with other like minded naked people… see you there?!

It would be a bit miserable if it rained wouldn't it?!

If you are interested in taking part, the ride will start at midday from Preston Road in Brighton. Visit www.worldnakedbikeride.org/brighton.

Stay and make a (naked) weekend of it? Mulberry Cottages have plenty of cottages in this, thankfully sunny, part of the world- plenty with enclosed grounds and in secluded spaces- just in case!

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