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More tea vicar?

You all know us southern softies enjoy nothing more than a spot of tea in the afternoon but did you know that we actually do it better than anywhere else in the UK?!

Although we understand that Devon cream tea’s are famous the world over, it is actually the tea rooms in Kent and Sussex that play a larger part in the Time Newspapers ’30 best places for tea’ published last weekend. Documenting the best locations, recipes and tastes that all combine for that perfect cuppa.


 In Kent, the Sandhurst Tea Rooms offer its loyal customers delicious cakes cooked on site and warm customer service in a beautiful and traditional setting. Shelly’s Tea Rooms in Chilham also come highly recommended as it is situated in one of the prettiest villages in the country, serving comforting meals and freshly baked cakes all through the winter months and even offers a ‘Cream Tea to takeaway’ service for those who just can’t get enough!

Shelly's Tea Rooms Chilham

Tiny Tim’s Tearoom located in Canterbury take their tea very seriously. They have over 30 different types and allow you to mull over a mug in their vaulted chandeliered retreat, listening to 30’s and 40’s music and imagining yourself as one of the Bloomsbury set (although they would have probably gone for something stronger!).Tiny Tim’s also have hot and cold food and cream tea’s to die for.

Sussex is also very well represented with Brighton leading the way with two entries in the 30 best (just one less than Devon!). Firstly the delightfully kitsch and camp Tea Cosy, celebrating all thing Royal with various speciality teas and lashings of tongue in cheek fun (Beatrice and Eugenie brew anyone?).

Royal Mania at the Tea Cosy

 The Mock Turtle, also in Brighton offers a warm and comfortable welcome with the most enormous and delectable doughnuts around, not too showy but an experience all the same! Bringing up the rear is the suitably titled Deliciously Gorgeous in Eastbourne which caters for the sweet tooth and the chocaholic in all of us, offering ‘heaven in a cup’ hot chocolate in appealing surroundings.

Finally then, the South East takes its rightful place as the only destination of those in search of a comforting cuppa or a beautiful brew!

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