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Mulberry Cottages at the Sussex Living Marathon- Blood (mud!) sweat and tears!

Last Saturday the 5th May, the team at Mulberry Cottages braved the lashing rain and gusting winds to give a little back to the community of East Sussex- raising lots of money for the Friends of East Sussex Hospices, a great charity supporting 9 different hospices in East Sussex- allowing them to provide the best sort of care for their patients.

Before the run... so hopeful, so innocent- I almost feel sorry for us!

Knowing that we were raising money for a charity as good as this helped to keep our spirits up as we travelled over to the East Grinstead sports centre for the half ten start in the driving rain, wrapped up warm and excited about the action to come. Like babes in the wood, the girls at the Mulberry Office (along with the generous spirits, Helen and Emily from  Foxwood Maclean and Tam and Mark from CLM) gathered in the middle of what looked like thousands of seasoned marathon runners- warming up with an impromptu cancan and throughly unprepared for the struggle that was to come!

So we set off with hope in our hearts, Elizabeth, Sophie, Tam and Emma H striking out for the first leg whilst the rest of the team travelled onto the second and third legs to wait for our arrival…… which proved (for some!) to be a long time coming.

The front runners, Sophie, Tam and Emma- don't let the pretty faces fool you, these ladies mean business!

Whilst we had some amazing runners in the group, putting Paula Radcliffe to shame with their controlled breathing and special water bottles, the rest of us had to deal with unexpected cramp, embarrassing tumbles and more mud than any of us had ever seen! Fields became swimming pools, paths become mud slides and lots of the course became more cross country that comfortable Saturday morning jaunt.

The first finisher and token male, Mark- put the girls to shame flying over the finish line!

Somehow the first runners reached the changeover and the second then third runners were able to tackle the course for themselves; there were red faces and gasping all round when the first of our teams crossed the finish line…

Emma, our marketing manager, celebrates with her well deserved medal

Tired, dishevelled and muddy- the Mulberry Cottages team felt another, more unexpected emotion crossed our minds- the sense of achievement that comes from going through a bit of pain for a good reason. Did we come first….. of course not! Did we (tentatively) enjoy ourselves…. yes!

To join us in donating to this wonderful cause, please visit www.fesh.org.uk.

The Mulberry Team post race... the same but with added mud

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