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Mulberry Cottages’ Pumpkin Carving Top Tips

Now you have the perfect pumpkin, it’s time to get carving! Here are few helpful tips to get you started…


1. Cut the Lid – It’s best to do this at an angle for better results, this way the lid won’t keep falling in!


2. Scoop the Pulp – The messy bit, you can use an ice cream scoop or a special pumpkin claw to remove the pulp. The inner wall of the face area should be thinner, (recommended approx 1 and quarter inch thick) so it’s easier to slice.


3. Use a Template – Maybe create your own or source inspiration from the web, attach your template to the front of the pumpkin and trace the lines carefully by poking holes through. Use a marker for a defined outline.


close up of woman with pumpkins at home


4. Carve the Features – The idea is to make it as clean cut as possible, so up and down slices work best. It’s also better to have the pumpkin in a tight hold in your lap, gazing up at you.


5. Dont get Rid – Keep all the left overs, here’s a recent post with a delicious Pumpkin soup recipe ! Mmmm pumpkin soup!


6. Keep it Fresh – A good trick is to spread petroleum jelly across the edges just to keep the moisture


7. Add little Touches – Some like to use candles inside, or maybe try fairy lights or even a flashing light for a spookier effect.


Now you have your scary pumpkin face ready for Halloween, why not enter Our #MulberryPumpkin competition for a chance to win a spook-tastic Party Pack!

For more details, please click here: Mulberry Pumpkin Competition


Halloween Pumpkin Competition


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