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Mulberry has arrived! Settling into our new home…

Last month we brought you the exciting news that Mulberry was spreading its wings westwards to set up another new home in Hartfield East Sussex.. Here’s a quick update on our progress…

Once we cleared the perilous journey over the border from Kent to Sussex (a journey we liken to Frodo and the Ring), we found an oasis of calm in Hartfield where the desks know no bounds and the filing system is second to none! We are now safely ensconced in our corner of the CLM office and are considering a complete refurbishment complete with wall paper and canvases. In short we need to ‘Mulberry’ up the space!

We soon visited Hartfields most famous landmark, Pooh Bridge!

Even though Hartfield is unquestionably rural, the Mulberry girls are unlikely to starve as we are lucky enough to move in opposite the most delectable farm shop, The Pantry, selling beautiful home made cakes and hot paninis guaranteed to threaten any girls diet!

The team over here consists of Emma, our Marketing Executive who will be spreading her time between the two offices, Elizabeth and Sophie, who are all completely thrilled to be involved in the great move west. There will also be countless guest appearances from the team at the Wye Office, who are determined to disrupt the sleepy village of Hartfield with their inimitable style and professionalism!

Not many people can say that this is the view from their office!

So wish us luck as we settle in or come over to Hartfield to see what all the fuss is about… We dare you not to love the orange and cranberry drizzle cake!


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