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Mystery In Stone

The Belmont Estate unveiled the ‘Mystery in Stone’ exhibition today.

Mystery in Stone

‘Mystery in Stone’ will be displayed in the gardens of the Belmont Estate this Summer – there are 35 hand carved sculptures by Shona artists from Zimbabwe.

The Orangery, Belmont Estate

‘Mystery In Stone’ was established in 1995 as the artists creative vision of themselves, their work and of those who treasure the brilliance of their accomplishment. Mystery In Stone artists are creative geniuses of extraordinary skill that have mastered the magic of interweaving color, form, texture, essence, belief, and emotion with stone.

Mystery in Stone - 'United family' sculpture

Mystery in Stone - 'Women are stronger than men' sculpture

‘Mystery In Stone’ is honor and respect for the history, culture, traditions, beliefs, faith, and lives of the artists and the community and families that have conceived and nurtured them. The artwork is the realization of the spirit that lives within the uncut stone; ‘Mystery In Stone’ is the creative realization of the spirit and vision that lives within the Shona artists.

‘Mystery In Stone’ is a collective of premiere Zimbabwean artists from the first, second, and third generation of stone sculptors.

Entry to see the ‘Mystery In Stone’ is included within the ticket price for the Gardens at Belmont. Workshops in stone carving are also going to be held – come and find out if you have a hidden talent!

If you would like to visit ‘Mystery In Stone’ why not stay on the Belmont Estate in either Pigeon Cottage http://www.mulberrycottages.com/cottage/holiday-cottages-in-kent/13727-pigeon-cottage/ or Crow Cottage http://www.mulberrycottages.com/cottage/holiday-cottages-in-kent/13777-crow-cottage/

Pigeon Cottage, Belmont

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