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Play fair at the Summer games in 2012

When every newspaper in land is carrying stories about the astronomical prices people are charging those who wish to stay close to the capital for the Games this Summer, Mulberry Cottages thought it was only right to come out in opposition to this and explain about the fair price and practice charter; a scheme all those London property magnates don’t want you to know about…

Check out this undoubtedly lovely bedroom at a five bedroom central London address, asking price £100,000 PER WEEK! I think Mulberry Cottages can do better than that...

Here at Mulberry Cottages, we have signed up to the Fair Pricing and Practise Charter, which ensures that products are priced in a reasonable and fair way during 2012.

Trying to make it fair for everyone...

The current economic downturn in Great Britain coupled with this summer’s guaranteed boost to the tourist trade makes the prospect of artificially inflating prices for accommodation beguiling for some. Here at Mulberry, (who as you know, only deal in the positive!) we takes a more hopeful view of the situation arguing that accommodation providers who offer a fair deal to those visiting Britain this year, coupled with a high standard of service will encourage repeat visits and recommendations, long after the games are over. This will also bolster the growing perception of Britain as an interesting and accessible holiday destination.

See?! What's not to like about staying in Britain this summer?

Ultimately, offering visitors to the South of England a quality service at a reasonable price will aid Visit Britain and their new 20.12% campaign still further, highlighted most prominently in the recent television advertisements featuring Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint. So why spend ridiculous amounts of money on a property in the heart of (busy, overcrowded and dare I say… unpleasant?) London when we can offer you luxurious accomodation close to all the major transport links whilst still having the opportunity for a holiday around all the events.

Might one suggest the charming Treasury? Situated 5 miles away from Canterbury with its direct trainline to the Olympic Village and Stadia of London, you and 19 of your nearest and dearest can experience the height of luxury and ease… and if all the sport is getting too much, there is an award winning Ayurvidic spa situated 2 minutes walk away! The Treasury sleeps 20 and is available over the summer games at a price of £4250 per week (just over £200 pounds per person!).

Just as luxurious (and infinitely more affordable) than Brick Street, non?

If you fancy a holiday by the sea whilst experiencing all that the big smoke has to offer then why not try Vale Square in the chic seaside town of Ramsgate this summer? Situated close to the station, getting you into the centre of london in an hour and a half and a stone’s throw from the beach, this gorgeous regency town house is the perfect place to combine the thrill of the competition with the relaxation of simply reading a book on the beach! Vale Square sleeps 4 and is available during the games for £610 per week.

Compare if you will this master bedroom with the one above... and draw your own conclusions!

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