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Sacre bleu! Mulberry Cottages takes Paris by storm

After successfully bringing the Mulberry Cottages message to no less than the entire United Kingdom- we have now set our sights on world domination and taken the first steps to spread the name onto French soil. Luckily for us, our Sussex Valuations Manager, Mandie, has just returned from living with our French cousins and has mastered the language (along with German, don’t cha know!) like a true native. Who better to represent Mulberry Cottages when invited to a trade show over there by the wonderful people at Visit Kent!

Ahhhh, cheese, good wine and Chanel... we think Mulberry Cottages will fit right in!

All the bags were packed, Euros exchanged and emails diverted… and Mandie was on her way! She went off on Friday and after braving hell and high water (delays from Ashford, driving rain you know the thing) met up with the lovely girls from Visit Kent late on Friday night for a well deserved glass of wine and a sit down!

Mandie enjoying the sun in Paris- We're trying not to be too jealous...

The next day dawned bright and clear over the Parisian skyline (whilst we were all shivering under our duvets in soggy England) and Mandie and the team wasted no time  getting over to the exhibition which was in the shadow of the famous Louvre Gallery- the hub of Parisian daily life as well as benefitting from a fantastic amount of passing trade, all fertile ears to the Mulberry Cottages message!

The beautiful Louvre Gallery lit up on exhibition day

The exhibitors had some good luck on Saturday to be blessed with good weather after a downpour during the Friday night and braved a sodden grassy field (especially created for the event, the ‘village exhibition’ part of Greet the World project) to set up the stands. We were working with Nord Pad de Calais and the team from Visit Kent to promote our own special little corner of Northern Europe to the Parisian holiday makers, used to heading south for their holidays, and discussing all the reasons why a weekend or week spent in Kent or Northern France is such a fantastic idea (in between plying them with Northern French and Kentish delicacies (more tea Ma’am?))!

It was all smiles from the troopers at half nine in the morning!

After a couple of busy days spent practising her French and making lots of new contacts, Mandie returned to our shores exhausted but happy on Sunday evening as the exhibition had been an unequivocal success!

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