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‘Slow melting ice cream’ is invented!

We are very excited, one of our top holiday foods has been improved!  Scottish scientists believe they have found the secret to making an ice cream that melts more slowly on hot summer days.

No more drips!

No more drips!

The researchers at the universities of Dundee and Edinburgh have been busy and have found a naturally occurring protein that makes the ice cream mixture more stable which means it melts more slowly and is smoother in texture.





Prof Cait MacPhee, from the University of Edinburgh, says the new ingredient will mean ice cream will “melt eventually, but hopefully by keeping it stable for longer, it will stop the drips”.

Three children (4-9) lying on airbed, eating ice cream

Nothing like an ice cream on holiday!

Not only is this the case, but it means that apparently they ice cream producers don’t have to put so much sugar into the recipe, (as this was helping to keep it stable before) making it better for us all.

Couples eating ice cream cones

Couples eating ice cream cones


Although not in the healthy list of foods, it’s improving!

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