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So….. did you know Mulberry helped to win the war?!

Imagine our suprise to know that we inadvertently left a wonderful piece of marketing off the coast of the beautiful Littlestone over 70 years ago!

The little pontoon that could... n't get to France!


Let me explain…When we went to visit a lovely new house occupying prime position on the seafront at Littlestone, we nonchalantly asked the kind lady that was accompanying us what the platform out to sea was used for..


The most beautiful property that we visited in Littlestone..


“oh, the Mulberry you mean?” said she and so the strange and interesting history of our namesake was revealed…

The Mulberry was a British made form of temporary harbour, linked together to allow the safe unloading of cargo to the beaches during World War 2.

The breath-taking view from Littlebourne with our little Mulberry in the background!

The term Mulberry was actually a secret code name to describe this tactical invention during an invasion of France in this time. A Mulberry (confusingly) is made up of two or more Gooseberries, used to settle the water (along with the Corn Cob ships used for blocking the currents- whoever came up with these names must have been hungry!). This particular Mulberry, came adrift from its company and became lodged in the sea bed just out from Littlestone, never making it to France but reminding us of the extrodinary feats of human engineering which contributed to the end of the war in 1945. The Mulberries were an intergral part of the resistance and the push into France during the latter part of the war… and a lovely name for such a useful tool!

While the day away here, and relax with a loved one in full view of our beautiful Mulberry!

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Fulmar in all its coastal, wind swept glory!



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