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So what is this Danish word hygge all about?

I’ve been talking to a dear Danish friend of mine about this Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-ga), which translates into English as a sort of cosiness.  We are right into cosiness in this country in the colder months and I wanted to find out a little about this hygge, so Louisa told me more…

Hygge is a feeling of cosiness

Hygge is a feeling of cosiness

Hygge is totally Danish, it’s something you cannot put your finger on, but it is a warm toasty feel of having your family or close friends around a table and really enjoying their company as everything is so easy with close friends.  Talking about big or small things, it can be discussing the meaning of life or how to make porridge, and that’s another hygge subject – porridge, hot and steamy with delicious nuts and seeds sprinkled on top, a spoon of honey and there you have hygge in a bowl!

Cosy and warm

Cosy and warm

We’re thinking that hygge has a lot to do with the fact that the Danes seem to have an inner tranquility and seem to be the most contented nation in the world.  The hygge season doesn’t just have to be the cold winter, when they light loads of candles and have delicious warming food and good company over the Christmas holidays, there is also hygge in the summer.

Get that hygge feeling in summer too

Get that hygge feeling in summer too

These months of warm summer evenings when you can sit outside and chat til your hearts content, little tealights set off the twinkling stars and the sounds of distant owls make the perfect background noise.

In summer too, packing the picnic basket with favourite foods and drinks for a fun day with family on the beach, gives off that same hygge feeling.  There’s something about going back to your childhood, to the uncluttered simple enjoyments such as sitting on a fence in the countryside, counting cows or walking up the hill to admire the panoramic view from the top.

You can't beat it!

Winter walk on the beach – you can’t beat it!

So I’ve a learned a little about this magical feeling of hygge, and that’s what holidays in this lovely English countryside can be about, relaxing and enjoying the simple things of life.

So if you’re thinking of going to practice a little hygge, we got some gorgeous cosy cottages, where you can cosy up until the warm weather is really here, or larger houses where you can get together with your close friends or family and enjoy that warm glowing feeling that comes with being with people you know know so well.

Whether you are looking to stay in a cottage this month, a self catering break for the summer holidays or a weekend away in the autumn, Mulberry Cottages will have something for you. Seaside cottagespet-friendly holiday cottages,  short break cottages or Easter cottages, too.   If you’re keen to find a cosy cottage, we’ve created a page in our Inspire Me section – Cosy Up, where you choose from lots of lovely cosy English cottages.


We would love to hear from you, we’re here 7 days a week on 01227 464 958 or email on info@mulberrycottages.com – happy holiday hunting!

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