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Soldier Dad travels 43 hours and over 4000 miles to see son in School nativity play…

…(because it’s not every day your child plays one of the three wise men!).

For a story that will warm the cockles of even the coldest heart this Christmas, it has been reported that Soldier Matthew Lancaster embarked on a love-actually style cross continent dash to be in his seat for his son’s nativity play. He travelled from his Kenyan training facility overnight and arrived at his son, Callum’s school in Stafford with minutes to spare before the show began.

Matthew Lancaster and Callum looking suitably regal!

Mr Lancaster realised that he was able to come home early when he was released from training a week before planned but decided not to tell his son so that he could surprise him after being stationed aboard for the last five weeks.

His dream surprise was almost shattered however after a catalogue of unlucky delays, among these a 6 hour hold up at a Kenyan Airport and having to cope with the closure of the M6… But, proving that Christmas miracles do still exist, Mr Lancaster arrived outside the school in the nick of time still in his travelling clothes (I shudder to think what he smelled like!) and with his passport in his pocket.

According to Mr Lancaster, Callum’s face was a ‘’His face was a picture but he kept a straight face and did a professional job in his role as one of the three kings’.

The present, the tree.. if you fail to be moved by this, you have a heart of stone...

The family are now planning to spend Christmas and New Year together at home.

All together now: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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