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Supporting Asthma UK this Christmas

This Christmas, instead of sending Christmas cards Mulberry Cottages are are donating and supporting Asthma UK, a charity close to our hearts!

UK's leading asthma charity

UK’s leading asthma charity

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We are so proud of Tam Weaver, who will be running the London Marathon in April 2014 in support of Asthma UK.

Tam tells us why ‘Asthma UK’ is so important to her and her family –

“I am raising money for Asthma UK who are the only national charity dedicated to improving the health and well being of the 5.4 million people in the UK who have asthma –  one of who is my lovely son Henry.”

Asthma UK work with people with asthma, and their families, healthcare professionals and researchers to develop and share expertise to help people increase their understanding and reduce the affects of asthma on their lives.

Henry had his first asthma attack on 13th December 2007, 2 days after his second birthday. It started the day before but neither my husband or I knew the signs to know that it was anything more than a cold so by the time I took him to our GP the next day with what we thought must be croup he was really pretty poorly. Our GP called an ambulance and plugged him into an oxygen tank. Watching my child struggling to breathe was the worst moment of my life. It was terrifying.
His asthma is now well managed and we get excellent support from our GP and he is now fit and very active kid. It did take some time for my husband and I to be confident that we could manage his asthma properly and the advice available from Asthma UK was both really helpful and reassuring to have.
So I am running to raise money for Asthma UK so that they can continue to provide support to asthma sufferers and their families, to fund research into the causes of asthma and into new treatments for asthma.
I was horrified to discover that on average 3 people still die of asthma related causes every day in this country – and yet up to 90% of those deaths are avoidable. Henry’s Aunt calls him ‘King Fleet of Foot’ so  you could say I am running to make sure he can go on running too.”
Happy Christmas from the Mulberry Cottages team. 

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