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The Hot Ticket: Mulberry Cottages at the opening of the Turner Exhibition in Margate

There was excitement in the air and a buzz around the recently revived town of Margate last Thursday night at the opening of the long awaited ‘Turner and the Elements’ exhibition at the Turner Contemporary.

The air of excitement was overwhelming, largely due to the giant (and very moving) poem shone up on the side of the building and read aloud at intervals over a booming loud speaker by its author, the fantastic Lemn Sissay, and based on his encounters with the people of Margate.

The stunning exterior of the Turner illuminated with Sissay’s poetry

The fantastic Rodin’s Kiss, a permanent feature in the Turners imposing entrance hall until September, Biddenden apple juice was on offer and guests were ushered up to the second floor where the exhibition is housed….

Rodin's 'The Kiss'; perfectly placed to enjoy both each other and the fantastic sea view beyond

….for all those who originally complained that the Turner Contemporary housed woefully few of the great artists paintings, Turner and the Elements is positively bursting with over 80 works from all ages of the artists development, using watercolours, pencil and oil, along with a rainbow of colour and impressions that left me breathless.

The famous 'Snow Storm' exhibited originally in 1842

All the most famous of his works, such as ‘The New Moon: I’ve lost my Boat, You shan’t have Your Hoop’ or ‘Snow Storm’ which Turner famously claimed to have lashed himself to the side of a ship to experience first hand, are all in attendence, coupled with countless smaller works such as ‘Figures in a Storm’ which I stood in front of for at least 20 minutes (causing particular annoyance to the hard core art fans, who noiselessly bumped against me like fish in a bowl).

Turner's 'The New Moon;or, 'I've lost my Boat, You shan't have Your Hoop' exhibited 1840

The exhibition, dubbed by the Saturday Telegraph as the ‘Hot Ticket’ and gaining national and international press coverage is well worth a visit, particularly during daylight hours as I’m told as this is when Turner’s use of naturalistic colour are at their most perfect.

Mulberry Cottages, offer a wealth of charming properties just around the corner from the Turner, perfect for art lovers and those looking for a peaceful and attractive getaway on the North Kent coast. Why not try Vale Square in Ramsgate, just around the headland from Margate and luxuriously designed with ornate artistic features and the most enormous marble bathroon, right next to the beach. Vale Square is available between now and the end of the exhibition in early May, sleeps 4 and costs from £460 per week.

Imagine relaxing in a bedroom as grand as this!

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