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The inescapable European Championship 2012!

Whilst for some of us, the build up and final arrival of the Euro’s 2012 marks the highlight of the year, regardless of some small event concerning an old lady wearing a crown or some athletes throwing themselves around a track… for others, it is an event to be avoided at all costs.

Your whole world for the next month... (AHHHHHH!)

No one can argue, however that the patriotism the Euro’s stirs in all of us is essentially a positive thing and by taking a trip with Mulberry Cottages we can make sure the football fanatics are appeased whilst there is more than enough for all of the rest of us to enjoy!

And your boyfriend's new best mates!

First up we have the gorgeous East Sussex country house, Berkeley Cottage in Mayfield. With its dedicated basement snug room complete with leather sofas and widescreen television.. the football fanatics can lock themselves away whilst the rest of the party can get lost in the enchanted outside space (equally perfect for a glass of wine or game of footie), cosy up around the fire in the living area or take a walk into town to sip some coffee and watch the world go by (the bakery in Mayfield is particularly worth a visit!).


When your team scores, it really doesn't matter how much you celebrate in this secluded haven

If you couldn’t bear to leave the boys behind then our stunning property Birch Pavilion just outside Tunbridge Wells has room for an entire football team (plus subs!)- set in the heart of the Eridge Park Estate and boasting panoramic views, gorgeous furnishings and a tennis court, Birch Pavilion is beautiful at any time of year. When the football is on however, the boys den- complete with widescreen television as well as a pool table and table football (for half time!) really comes into its own. Whilst others can take in the sights and stores of Royal Tunbridge Wells, or curl up with a good book in the majestic double height living space, the football fanatics can be well catered for at Birch Pavilion.


Want to combine a party with the football? Look no further than Birch Pavilion!

If you can see your summer slipping away in a football enduced haze then you might want to take a house by the seaside. Strangway Beach House has the most wonderful views and the most comfortable living space to watch the football in peace- those with other plans can hit the beach, or perch in the space age kitchen or simple luxuriate in the gorgeous bath!


Let yourself get distracted from the big game with those awe inspiring coastal views

However you feel about the footie, just remember that there is always a safe place where you can go… Mulberry Cottage has saved the day once again!


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