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The Olympic Torch lights up Sussex and Kent..

The South East is positively tingling with excitement following the announcement that the Olympic Torch will spend a considerable amount of time in the area on its official relay tour. Having been lit in the mythical realms of Olympia in the Greek Peloponnese and then shut forcibly in the cabin of a British Airways flight to London (where apparently health and safety of carrying an open flame onto a passenger jet does not apply).

The 2012 Olympic Torch

                Then contrary to the romantic thought of a ruggedly handsome athlete following the length and breadth of the country ‘Forest Gump style’, the torch will travel less than a quarter of the way on its adventure by runners and mostly by car. It will be carried by more than 8,000 runners travelling on average just 300 metres and flagged by a team of Metropolitan Police to stop any little accidents that may occur during the abseiling, white watering rafting, horseback riding or canoeing, all of which are planned for the intrepid undertaking.

The Torch's Route around Britain

                The torch will enter our beautiful region towards the end of its epic voyage early on 16th July at Rogate, West Sussex and then winds over hills and through dales on its whistle stop tour stopping overnight for a celebration at Brighton before continuing on the 17th through East Grinstead, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Lewes and Eastbourne amongst others before settling in Hastings for the evening. From the 18th to the 20th the torch will take its time over the delights of Kent before entering the London area on the last part of its trip. Hundreds are expected to greet the torchbearers on each leg of their trip, hand chosen as ambassadors for the games because of their great personal acts of bravery or inspirational backgrounds. The Mulberry girls did apply, but apparently unparalleled feats of shopping were not acceptable as such an act.  

For more details of the route of the torch, visit www.london2012.com/olympic-torch-relay

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