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The social way to tone up!

Here at Mulberry Cottages, we are not in the business of telling you what to do. We know that you, like us, are anxiously turning from the calorific delight that was Christmas to the slowly building dread of uncovering our (sometimes) unflattering bikini bodies as the summer season looms. In an ideal world we would snap our fingers and the weight would fly off and we’d all look something like Jessica Alba or Kelly Brook (in the magical world of strategic poses and airbrushing) but alas, this has never worked for me before…


Further to this I cannot think of anything worse than becoming a boring, celery eating dieter who can’t share a curry with her boyfriend or drinks with the girls (you know the one, who always has vodka and soda when the cocktails look so appetising!). So I have scoured high and low to bring you the (somewhat obvious) answer to our prayers….. EXERCISE!

Run together at the Deal half-marathon

The most common complaints about this (with myself being amongst the loudest of the shouts) are ‘I have no time to exercise’, ‘gym memberships are a waste of money’ or ‘I don’t want to show myself up as the sweaty idiot I really am’ (just me then)…. So whats free, where can you pick your route and regulate the time taken? RUNNING! Stick with me on this…

It may be difficult in the beginning but it is a proven scientific fact that the more you exercise, the more energy you have, the better you sleep and the happier you are*. The obvious fact is, whether living in or visiting our beautiful part of the South East, there are routes in abundance where you won’t encounter another soul except the seagulls or the cows or further down the line, you can run with like minded people who share your enthusiasm (which by this time you are sure to have!).


Camber Sands is calling your name...


Its a big year for long distance in Kent and Sussex (not only in relation to the monolith that is London 2012). There are plenty of marathons and half marathons for you to walk, run and aim for. The third Brighton Marathon on 15th April (charity places still available) as well as smaller events such as those at Beachy Head, Seaford and the Sussex Marathon in Heathfield. There are a number of half-marathons and fun runs including the Brighton Half-Marathon and the Half-Marathon in Deal in February and Lydd in March.

For the most hard core in the South East- The Brighton Marathon.

There is no excuse then to not get out and experience everything that Kent and Sussex has to offer, shed the pounds and make some friends (meeting all those hunky male runners can’t be a bad thing either!)

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