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The Uckfield Mysteries

The beautifully picturesque market town of Uckfield, East Sussex, at first glance, appears to be like any other Southern town: rustic, charming, timeless and straight out of a fairytale. With its eclectic mix of high street shops and individual boutiques, along with typical country pubs and walks, on the surface Uckfield appears to be just another wonderful place to visit or stay. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that things are not all that they seem…

Lord Lucan

Is Lord Lucan still hiding in Uckfield?

There are a number of mysteries and myths associated with the town and surrounding areas, probably the most famous connection being with the disappearance of Lord Lucan. The British peer conducted an astounding disappearing act in the early 1970s, following the murder of his children’s Nanny, and was pronounced dead in absentia in October 1999. The last official known sighting of the accused Lucan was in the town of Uckfield in 1974, after he fled 42 miles to the house of Ian and Susan Maxwell-Scott, to escape the brutal scene…. Who’s to say he’s not still hiding there now!



On a more supernatural level, how about the baffling tale of Nan Tuck’s Ghost?

Nan Tuck's Lane
The ghostly sightings at Nan Tuck’s Lane

Late one night in 1810, a young woman named Mrs Tuck supposedly poisoned her husband, killing him instantly. But the murder was discovered soon after, forcing her to escape and find sanctuary in a church. Knowing that her captors were too close behind her, and exhausted from running, she fled to the nearby woods and was never seen again. Years later, puzzling sightings were reported by local residents, stating they had witnessed a ghost (thought to be Mrs Tuck) chasing people along a lane (now named “Nan Tuck’s Lane”). Today, there is still a circular patch of shrub land in the wood that is completely infertile, and is believed to be the spot that the poor Mrs Tuck came to a grizzly end…

If you wish to soak up the culture and history, or maybe conduct your own mystery tour, our cottage in Uckfield, “Chestnut cottage”, is the perfect base to view the secrets and intrigue of the town. For the bold and the brave, the property is actually a 5 minute drive from the delightful Buxted Inn, which is a 2 minute walk from Nan Tuck’s Lane. If you’re lucky, you may a catch a glimpse of the ghostly figure of Mrs Tuck, although you may wish to enjoy a glass of wine at the Inn first!

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