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Tips for Staying In Holiday Cottages with Your Pets

You’re keen to book a holiday and you take your furry friend along with you?  Well, here are some great tips to ensure that both you and your companion make the most of your stay in our pet friendly holiday cottages.  To ensure we were giving you the best advice, we assembled some useful comments from previous visitors and this is what they said – straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

  1. “No matter what type of pet, furry, fluffy or scaly, we like to feel at home.  I always like to have my bed and some of my favourite toys around with me to keep me company and stop me from feeling home sick.” Oscar the Labrador.

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  1. “My holiday was great! I found some great smelling stuff to roll around in after a cool dip in a green pond. However, for some reason, the owners didn’t seem to like me using their towels to have a good rub down in after my swimming session, so next time I’m going to have to bring my own.” Sam the Bearded Collie.


  1. “Whenever we go on holiday, one of my favourite things to do after a long countryside walk when I’m tired out is to go to one of the local pubs.  Here I can enjoy a refreshing bowl of water and whatever morsels get slipped to me under the table. So, don’t forget to check out the local attractions in the area that allow humans too!” Jo the Jack Russell.

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  1. “Whenever we get to our destination, my humans seem to suddenly remember that I am not a normal house pet and am in need of certain equipment.   Once I spent the whole holiday living in the bathroom sink which wasn’t much of a holiday for me.  So maybe some pets are best left at home because holidays aren’t really my thing.” Barry the Water Dragon.


  1. “Every holiday is always a treat. Before we go my humans have a pampering day. They cut their hair and shop for new treats. This means that I get dropped off at the poodle parlour for a pampering session of my own as well as getting new collars and a fancy new look. We like to relax and enjoy the fun as well so don’t forget it’s our holiday too!” Polly the Poodle.


  1. “When I went on holiday my humans left me along in the property for days on end. I didn’t get to stretch my legs upon arrival either which left me very awake for the whole night. When I went to jump the sofas I left great footprints and fur. I think on arrival some ground rules should be established and a great walk to stretch our legs upon arrival because we will be just as bored of the car as you are. And most important do not leave us alone in the property at any time.” Bumble the Beagle.


  1. “Not only humans get excited about a holiday away, so do we.  On holiday last year we were jumping around over ditches and fences when I fell and broke my leg. Fortunately before we left for the holiday my pet insurance had been checked and brought up to date. So, make sure when you are thinking of galloping off into the sunset of a holiday away, just double check your pet insurance is still valid.” Hector the Horse.

    Have fun on horseback while staying at Badgers set

    Have fun on horseback while staying at Badgers set

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