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We THREE kings of orient are….?

Shocking new revelations have surfaced at this, the most festive time of year, to disprove the centuries old story of Jesus’ birth. Whether or not you believe in Jesus Christ, there is new evidence to suggest that he wasn’t visited by just three wise men (or Magi) but over 10, throwing primary school nativity plays into disarray!

                This new insight comes from the University of Oklahoma, where Professor Brent Landau has spent the last two years translating the 8th Century text from its original Syriac. The Gospel written by Matthew carries no mention of the number of Magi that attended the birth of Christ. We have simply assumed that there are three Kings because of the three gifts that they bring (one present per person and modern day mothers everywhere breathe a sigh of relief!). In reality there may have been as many as 20 of them visiting the manger from as far afield as modern China, which is referred to as ‘Shir’- on the edge of the world.

I can scarcely comprehend how important this new information is... What will we sing? How many do we show in pictures? The mind boggles.

 Interestingly, although there is mention of these Magi bringing gifts for Jesus, there is no specific gold, frankincense and myrrh named, adding fuel to the fire of every 8 year old claiming that Jesus would much prefer offerings of hot wheels, ben ten merchandise and lego this year…

It is also claimed that the original story of the Wise Men following the star as it guides them to Jesus’ birthplace is too literal. The text seems to explain that it is Jesus himself in his pre-existant, celestial form who guides the Magi to witness the birth of himself as a human baby.

So to be completely accurate in next year’s nativity, 10 or 20 pupils bedecked in Ancient Chinese clothing should follow Jesus decorated as a star and suspended above the stage and give him…. Well, whatever they like!

The Class' flock of Angels and farmyard animals will take a serious hit next year if teacher has to organise up to 20 Kings.

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