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Why we’re going self-catering

Self-catering feature on ‘You and Yours’ – Radio 4

With the UK tourism industry is becoming one of Britain’s fastest growing sectors and the 3rd largest employer in the UK, Radio 4 decided to dedicate a rare live show to ‘why more of us are choosing self-catering holidays in the UK’

Who needs Europe when you have beautiful Britain on your doorstep!

Self-catering holidays are the success story of UK tourism with more and more people deciding to stay in the UK, to enjoy what is becoming known as a ‘staycation’ rather than heading to Europe or further afield. Mulberry Cottages, a self-catering holiday cottage agency, can prove this is the case with bookings being up 26% on last year.

Who needs a vacation……have a staycation

The Radio 4 broadcast came direct from Danehill House, one of Mulberry Cottages’ beautiful holiday homes, sleeping 14.

Danehill House, Danehill, Sussex. Sleeps 14 people

With a microphone set up on the bird-table just outside the window and amongst the homely sounds of water boiling on the Aga, Mandie Davis, the company’s Sussex Valuation manager was asked to comment on the opposing view of holiday homes creating “ghost villages” which are almost empty out of season?.

Mandie Davis being interviewed by Radio 4

Mandie argued, “For us this is just not the case! 44% of our bookings are short breaks and short breaks are taken out of the high season – therefore the idea that villages are left empty out is season is just not true. Holiday homes should be credited as they clearly bring in the visitors and money that helps these small communities survive!”  The program also included a local businessman and a landlord who happily upheld that view

Quintessential English country village

It’s not just us Britain’s that are choosing to holiday in the UK, 35% of Mulberry Cottages’ bookings last year were from Northern Europe. It seems the Northern Europeans can’t resist our quintessential English villages, the chance to experience our way of life and explore the history and culture that we are so famous for.

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