Kent Holiday Cottages With Wifi

Lots of us now need the internet on holiday, even grannys and grandpas carry their ipads around to have information at the ready! If you are looking for a holiday cottage with wifi, then look no further – we have a great selection of self catering holiday accommodation with wifi in Kent. For those who want to keep in touch with work, wifi is essential, it is not so easy trying to read emails on a Smartphone. There is so much you want to know about the surrounding area and when you book a holiday cottage with wifi, all this is at your fingertips. We often use the internet simply to look up a recipe, or find which film is on at the local cinema. Our owners are very helpful with all sorts of information (they provide a welcome folder with all the local knowledge), but sometime we need just a little bit more help.


And then of course there are the teenagers! They cannot seem to survive for more than a couple of hours without wifi, so a holiday cottage with the internet is essential for this sector of society! They may need to use the internet to find out information to complete school work too (and that’s what they tell us!) Children too love having access to the internet, and sometimes we all need a little peace and quiet or we can join in and play a wifi game with them of course!


As far as the internet goes – there seem to be two camps of thought – those who cannot go on holiday without it and those who want to leave it behind!


Luckily for us, most owners realise that providing the internet is a very important feature of their holiday cottage in Kent and so there is plenty of choice with holiday cottages with wifi. If you have any questions, just call our bookings’ team.

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