Cottages In Pevensey Bay

Pevensey Bay is a beautiful seaside village located just 5 miles from Eastbourne. Pevensey Bay is steeped in history, William the Conqueror first landed on Pevensey Bay and invaded England in 1066 after crossing the English Channel from Normandy. itself  The Pevensey Levels is a natural haven for wild birds, flowers and animals. Pevensey Bay is famous for its windsurfing, fishing and its historic Martello Towers. Visitors can take a boat trip on a local fishing charter for an exciting day's sea fishing. Why not visit the remains of Pevensey Castle or nearby Eastbourne with its seafront promenade, gardens and an excellent War Museum. In the other direction, Hastings has Smuggler's caves, a Fishermen's Museum, a castle and a Shipwreck Centre.

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