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Frequently Asked Questions

  • COVID-19 Update

    The safety and well-being of our guests, owners and employees are at the heart of what we do and we established a COVID-19 taskforce in late February 2020 to fully focus, monitor and react to the evolving situation. We are continuously reviewing the advice of the UK government with regards to travel. Presently there are no travel restrictions to any of our UK destinations.

  • What can I expect from Mulberry Cottages?

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our holiday homes and our levels of Customer Service. From the very start we have worked on the principle that if we wouldn’t stay in it, why would you? Our holiday homes are all about comfort and style.

    In terms of equipment, all holiday houses are well equipped to allow you a peaceful and enjoyable stay and many offer much much more. All the holiday homes have linen, towels but unless otherwise stated they wont have swimming towels. The kitchens will be fully equipped for the amount of guests the property can sleep and this will include pots, pans etc. In most cases you will see a link on the specific holiday home page which gives you a detailed inventory of what is included.

  • What do I do if I cannot find the information I need on the website?

    If the information you are looking for is not provided on the holiday cottage’s webpage, or in this frequently asked questions section, please do contact us on 0345 268 1414 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

  • Can you help meet my special accessibility needs?

    Should you have specific accessibility needs, please call us and we would be pleased to advise you of properties that might suit you.

  • Do you offer longer term accommodation or Short Lets?

    A number of our holiday cottages can accommodate longer stays of 4 weeks or more, up to 3 months. Please call us for more information on 01227 806316.

  • Can I request an invoice for VAT purposes?

    If you are VAT registered and would like an invoice and receipt for the booking fee, please let us know. Some of our owners are VAT registered in which case we are able to provide you with an invoice for the rental as well.

  • When do I pay for my holiday cottage?

    If you are making a booking more than 8 weeks before your arrival date, you are only asked to pay 30% at the time of booking, along with the booking fee. Your final balance is then due 8 weeks before your stay. If you are booking less than 8 weeks in advance, we do ask for your full rental at the time of booking.

  • How do I pay my final balance?

    If you paid your deposit by card you do not need to contact us to process this payment; it will automatically be deducted on your final balance due date and we will only need to contact you should we encounter any issue. Should you wish to change the card on which you pay your final balance, or pay before your due date, please contact us on 0345 268 1414 to let us know. Alternatively you can log in to your guest portal to pay your balance in full

  • Will I get a reminder for my final balance?

    A reminder will usually be emailed to you six days before your final balance is due. Please be aware that if you have made your first payment less than two weeks before your remaining payment is due, you may not receive this reminder.

  • What is my security deposit?

    Your security deposit is a predetermined amount of money which is held seven days before your stay, and is there in case of any damages or additional cleaning at the holiday cottage. If booking online your security deposit is displayed before your booking is completed, alternatively a member of our Booking Team will be able to confirm the deposit amount. It is an incentive to leave the holiday cottage in the way it was found.

  • How do I pay my security deposit?

    Your refundable security deposit will be automatically paid back to you on the last card you used to pay. This means that the funds will leave your account and will be held securely and refunded back to your account 7 days after your departure.

    Should you wish to pay this amount to us over the phone, please contact our Customer Services department on 0345 268 1414, at least ten days before your stay to organise this.

  • Can I change my holiday?

    If you want to make changes to your holiday, please call us to discuss it. If it's possible for us to accommodate the changes we’ll be happy to help. Changes to a booking involve extra administration so please note there may be a fee to pay.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    We appreciate that sometimes it is necessary for you to cancel your booking. Should this be necessary we would refer you to our cancellation policy in our booking conditions. Please see

  • Can I view a holiday cottage prior to booking it?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of holiday letting, we can usually only organise viewings when you are having a wedding at one of our larger cottages. Our Bookings Team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the holiday cottages we advertise, and are on hand to help you make the right choice.

  • Can you reserve a holiday cottage for me whilst I decide?

    We are more than happy to put a holiday cottage on provisional hold for up to 24 hours whilst you talk to your other guests. Please be aware that we can only do this for you once, and the hold will expire after 24 hours if the booking is not confirmed within this time.

  • The holiday cottage I want to book is available on your website for the dates I'm looking at - how can I book it?

    You can book your chosen holiday cottage online with our user-friendly website or over the phone by calling our friendly Booking Team on 0345 268 1414. Some of our owners like us to run bookings past them first before we confirm them, other holiday cottages are only available for week long stays, or for check-ins on a certain day. If you’re having problems booking online, please give our Booking Team a call on 0345 268 1414 and they will be happy to help you.

  • Can I bring a pet with me?

    Pets are allowed in lots of our properties and is shown on each holiday home page. Registered assistance dogs are permitted in all properties whether pets are shown as accepted or not. Please be aware that there are sometimes a maximum number of pets a holiday cottage can take and this will be stated on the holiday property information page. Pets are only accepted on the understanding they are kept under control, are not permitted in the bedrooms or on furniture and that they are never left in the property unattended. Please note that many beaches do not permit dogs in the summer months (apart from guide dogs).

  • Can I book catering services or other extras?

    We can refer you to a variety of special experiences for your stay, please look at the details on our experiences page

  • What does a 'Pet Free Property' mean?

    We understand some guests have allergies and Pet Free properties are those where pets are not allowed. We are not able to guarantee that a pet has never been in the house but that they are not permitted regularly as part of guest bookings.

  • Can I bring extra guests?

    So long as your total number of guests does not exceed the occupancy number stated on our website, you are welcome to bring additional guests. If you wish to bring additional guests, over the number indicated to us at the time of booking, we do ask that you provide us with their full details 7 days prior to your stay.

    If you are looking to have day guests visit the holiday cottage during your stay, we would ask that you let the owner know 7 days before arrival to ensure the owner is able to accommodate them.

  • Can I stay in one of your holiday cottages for more than 4 weeks?

    Certainly! Many people find our holiday cottages excellent for breaks of up to three months, as our cottages are fully furnished and all bills are included in the rental price. Please speak to our short lets department to discuss your needs by calling 01227 806 316.

  • I'm expecting an email from you, but I haven't received it yet

    Make sure you have checked your “junk” or “spam” folder, in case the email you are expecting has accidentally been sorted there by your inbox. If you still cannot find it, please do call our Customer Services department on 0345 268 1414 and they will be happy to resend any missing emails.

  • How to spot a holiday scam

    It's important you know what to be aware of when it comes to scams - please click here for our top tips on how to protect yourself from fraud.

  • What is my arrival and departure time?

    You can arrive at most holiday homes at 3pm on your arrival day and end at 10am on your departure day unless otherwise agreed. This gives the owner and housekeepers time to prepare the cottage for incoming guests. On some occasions it may be possible for you to arrive or depart at different times, but in most cases the owner will only commit to this within the last 7 days prior to your stay. We will send you details of how to gain access to your holiday home and the owner or housekeeper contact details 7 days before your arrival. Should you wish to arrange different timings for arrival or departure, please contact the Owner within 7 days of your arrival.

    Should you wish to arrive on a different day to that stated, please let us know and we will endeavour to help you.

  • Can I arrange an earlier check in or a later check out?

    We are happy to try and arrange this for you with the owner of your holiday cottage; please contact us one week before your stay to look into this. Unfortunately it is not always possible to arrange a change to your check in or out times depending on when other bookings are entering or exiting your holiday cottage, and when the cleaning teams are scheduled to arrive.

  • When do I get the information in regards to collecting keys?

    We will email you the keys and directions to your holiday cottage once the full balance has been paid including contact details of the owner or housekeeper. A reminder will also be sent out 7 days before you arrive. If you are picking up keys from one of our offices, please contact us 3 days before your arrival as should you arrive out of our office hours we can then agree with you where the keys will be left.

  • Can I have the full address of the holiday cottage?

    The full address of your holiday cottage will be enclosed in your email confirming your full balance payment. Should you wish to know the exact location of the holiday cottage, this is included on the Google Maps snapshot on each of our holiday cottage’s individual web pages.

  • Can I add extra guests on to my booking?

    So long as your total number of guests does not exceed the occupancy number stated on our website, you are welcome to bring additional people to stay. If you wish to bring additional guests, over the number indicated to us at the time of booking, we do ask you to provide us with full guest details, at least 7 days before your stay. If you are looking to have day guests visit you at the holiday cottage, we would ask that you contact us first to let us know, to ensure the owner is able to accommodate them

  • Why do you need the party make up of our guests?

    We ask for the ages and gender of your guests so our owners know who to expect on holiday for safety and insurance reasons. This is the same reason we need to know in advance if you are hoping to have people visit you at the holiday cottage.

  • When do you need our bed configurations by?

    As soon as possible, and definitely a week before your stay. We need to be sure that we can get your desired bed configurations to the housekeeping team at your holiday cottage in enough time to ensure they can meet your needs.

  • What is provided in the holiday cottage?

    The facilities provided at each of our cottages are usually included on their webpage but please contact our team on 0345 268 1414 if you have a specific question.

  • Are towels and linen provided for my stay?

    All our holiday cottages provide towels and bed linen for your stay. If the holiday cottage you have booked has a swimming pool or hot tub, or is near the beach, please be aware that the towels provided in each holiday cottage are for indoor use only, and you will need to bring your own separate towels for use outside.

  • I can’t find something in the holiday cottage which I was expecting to be here. Where is it?

    In an email before your arrival date you will have been provided with emergency contact details. Your emergency contact is someone local, who knows the holiday cottage inside out. We would recommend contacting them as they will be able to help you locate the missing items.

  • Is there parking at my holiday cottage?

    Parking facilities for each holiday accommodation is noted on the property accommodation section. We do have a number of holiday homes that are down unmade up tracks. If you have a low slung car and this could be an issue, please check with us prior to arrival.

  • Can I smoke in the property?

    There is no smoking permitted in any of our properties.

  • Do I have to clean the property at the end of my stay?

    We ask that the holiday homes are left clean and tidy and where possible the beds are stripped.

  • What should I do if I have a complaint about my holiday cottage?

    We work hard to make sure that everything about your stay is enjoyable and relaxing. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong it is very important that you inform the owner of the holiday cottage or their representatives immediately. You can do this through the emergency contact details provided. Do not wait until you return home. By this time, the chance to actively help is likely to have passed; even if you believe that nothing can be done to make matters better, you must say something during your stay.

    If you are unhappy with the response of the owner or their representatives, please contact our Customer Services department on 0345 268 1414 while you are still at the holiday cottage, and we will try to help you resolve the matter. Further information on our complaints procedure can be found in our Booking Conditions

  • What do we do if we are not happy with the holiday accommodation?

    We do everything we can to ensure that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, but sometimes things do go wrong. If there is a problem, in the first instance you should contact the owner/housekeeper whose details were given to you in the keys and directions you received.

    Please do not wait until you return home, by this time the chance to actively help is likely to have passed, even if you believe that nothing can be done to make the matter better, you must say something to the owner/housekeeper during your stay. If you are not successful in finding a solution that way and if we do provide any assistance this is done on a goodwill basis only as your contract is with the owner.

  • Can I arrange a food delivery to the holiday cottage?

    You are more than welcome to arrange a supermarket to deliver food to your holiday cottage. Just give the full holiday cottage address as displayed in your final balance email and be sure to include your mobile number when making your food delivery booking. Please make sure that your delivery is ordered for after your holiday cottage check in time, and at a time when you are certain to be in the holiday cottage.

  • Do all your properties have a good internet connection?

    Whilst a majority of our properties have good mobile reception and a good internet connection it's important that you please check the holiday property pages or email us at if you require confirmation as some rural areas may have little or no reception for mobile phones, internet or television.

  • Is the garden fully enclosed?

    This information can be found on the property accommodation section, or in the detailed inventory. However, even if it is stated as fully enclosed that does not mean that it is not possible to escape should there be the will.

  • Can I charge my electric car at the property?

    If you are planning to charge your electric car during your stay please let us know. There will normally be an extra charge for this.

  • Will the property be decorated for Christmas?

    We encourage our owners to provide Christmas trees and decorate the house for your stay. If a Christmas Tree is essential, please check the property pages of the website or email us for confirmation.

  • I think I’ve left something in the holiday cottage, how do I get it back?

    Please contact the owner/housekeeper as soon as you realise that you have left something behind, to let them know the item left behind, where you think it is and the address to which you would like it to be sent to. The owners and their representatives will then do their best to find your missing items. Please be aware that there may be some delay in finding missing items, as the housekeeping teams can only search for items in between stays.

  • I would like to provide feedback on my stay, how do I do that?

    As a business it is really helpful if our customers provide us with their feedback on both our service and the holiday accommodation they stayed in. It helps us to ensure everyone has a wonderful stay and at the same time we are working on any improvements and changes needed. We do ask that your feedback is fair, relevant, legally acceptable and appropriate. In that way other customers can see relevant and useful information to help them make their choices.

  • My stay is over, when do I get my security deposit back?

    If you have paid a security deposit, this will be released to you 7 days after your stay. It can take up to 3 working days for the deposit to be cleared fully due to bank holding times. Should there be any charges against a deposit this will be fully explained to you.

    In terms of what is acceptable damage, owners expect some wear and tear such as a broken glass or plate. However if something does get damaged at the property, please let the owner or housekeeper know as soon as possible so it can be mended for the next guests. Occasionally it will be necessary to meet some charges for a repair if serious damage occurs such as a large carpet stain or a broken piece of furniture.

  • How to spot a holiday scam

    It's important you know what to be aware of when it comes to scams - please click here for our top tips on how to protect yourself from fraud.

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