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Group Accommodation

Our large group accommodations are unique in offering that perfect combination of luxurious space, surroundings, views and facilities for the whole of your party, group or family to enjoy.

We have a large selection of spacious group accommodations that are perfectly suited for parties, celebrations, family events and group gatherings. Our large group holiday cottages help to bring people together, either as friends or family and offer an ideal place for you to relax and enjoy time for yourself and as a group. Most of our large group accommodations provide great facilities such as swimming pools, large exterior areas, tennis courts or spaces inside for you and your party to carry out your activities and have the room that you need.

These accommodations are also great for parties such as birthdays or weddings.

They not only provide the accommodations and chance for guests to stay, but also the space and beautiful surroundings for you to have a great time and celebrate happy moments to remember.

For those who wish to bring pets there is no problem as we encourage you to take advantage of our large pet friendly accommodations where we find that dog friendly cottages are becoming increasingly popular so you can have fun with all your loved ones.

Not only are these group accommodations great for large parties but also for families where you can come and spend some quality time together and enjoy all that is provided for you.

For those who prefer the countryside with amazing views and walks through nature, the seaside with the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea, to those who love to shop until they drop or explore quaint little villages not far away, we believe that we can meet your needs and satisfy your desires.

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