Luxury Log Cabins

From Scandi-Style Woodland Hideaways To Quirky One-Of-A-Kind Retreats.

All of the fun and charm of a camping holiday, without the cold, wet, or any splinters. Experience nature and get away from the digital landscape for a while in one of our luxury log cabins to rent. Perfect for two, or for the whole family, dog included!

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Luxury Log Cabins with Hot Tubs

Staying off the beaten track doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy life’s little luxuries. There’s nothing quite like a warm pool of water to soak in surrounded by the best of the British countryside, away from urban distractions and noise.

Even if you only have a short time away, a log cabin weekend break is the ideal stress-reliever and a great base from which to explore your picturesque surroundings. Take the whole family or even just a romantic trip for two - there's plenty to enjoy with the lush interiors and rustic charm.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins

There's no better place for man's best friend than sat by the fire in a cosy log cabin. Why let them miss out on that experience by leaving them at home? Our pet friendly log cabins are happy to accept your four-legged friends, so don't forget to bring them too.