The Mulberry Story

Sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime...

How we got where we are today

Mulberry Cottages sells dreams, where the sun is always shining, life is slower, and everyone is happy and having fun.

Thanks to the locations and unique distinctiveness of our cottages, Mulberry Cottages has had such a huge growth since it began in 2006!

Let’s take a minute and look back (something we rarely get to do) So how was Mulberry Cottages born? Launched by Sarah Wood, as a spin off from her successful rural estate agency, a holiday lettings agency was born! Sarah, owns, directs, influences and runs the business with very hands on mind-set.

When the holiday lettings began it was so difficult to find a memorable name that was relevant.

So the business was up and running but it had no name! Sarah decided to focus on our heartland, Kent, the Garden of England. Thoughts progressed to a tree, preferably bearing fruit. The first ever office was based in a sleeping rural village called Wye, and one lunchtime Sarah was taking a walk around and found herself staring at the famous and grand Mulberry tree which is supposed to one of the oldest trees in the country.

A Taaaa Daaaaa moment hit Sarah and this holiday lettings agency was given a name - Mulberry Cottages!

It all began in 2006, Staycations didn’t exist, not even as a name, holiday homes were damp and dingy, families went to Spain and Greece for their holidays and holiday agencies offered appalling service to both guests and owners.

The recession that began in 2008 changed all that. People couldn’t afford to go abroad, didn’t want to be far from their jobs because they thought they might not have one when they got back holiday cottage agencies in the UK realised that if they wanted to attract guests their properties needed to be inspiring, inviting with excellent service and above all well marketed and on line.

So clearly there was a gap in the market for Mulberry Cottages to take advantage of!

So where are we now?

A culture started to develop at Mulberry of putting the guests and the owners first. And this culture that has become inbred into our daily lives, it was not something Sarah planned on day 1, it has developed as a result of our teams commitment and ‘can do’ attitude. Over the recent years the team has grown and developed, all working hard to make the service that Mulberry Cottages provide both our guests and our owners even better.

Now with high street presence in 4 locations, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Gloucestershire (and more to come) Mulberry cottages is not only an online brand but is a destination for guests and owners alike where they can meet the people behind Mulberry Cottages.

Sarah and her team have been building the roots for those Mulberry trees, it takes time, it needs sun and it needs nurturing.

Our vision is to offer guests even more self-catering accommodation across the whole of southern England, adding to our ever-growing collection of unique, high end accommodation.

10 years on, Mulberry Cottages is a premium brand known for its high standard of self-catering accommodation and its excellent customer service. We were recently acknowledged for our excellence in customer service where we scored a gold trusted merchant award by achieving a 97% service rating of feedbacks from our guests in 2016.

We are all on an exciting journey and nobody knows how tall this Mulberry tree will grow, but growing it is!

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